Statement of the Provincial Executive Committee

Statement of the Provincial Executive Committee

9 March 2010

The Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) in its ordinary meeting of the 8th March 2010 has adopted a Programme of Action which will guide the workings of the organisation in the province for the year 2010. The programme is a culmination of a number of processes, including the January 8 Statement and also the National, Provincial and Regional Makgotla of the organisation, which are the organisation`s annual strategic sessions of the executive committees at those respective levels.

This programme covers the following areas:-

  • Organisational Building and Campaigns
  • Local Government and Management
  • Education and Health
  • Decent Work, Comprehensive Rural Development Programme, Environment, Crime and Corruption.

The PEC has agreed that the relevant sub-committees of the organisation at different levels should ensure that the programme is implemented without failure. There will always be a constant monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the programme with an aim of ensuring that all our efforts are focused on the working together to ensure effective service to our people.

The PEC has unanimously re-iterated its undivided support for the work done by the National Working Committee (NWC) during their visit in the province under the leadership of the Deputy Secretary-General, Cde Thandi Modise. The NWC is interacting with various structures of the organisation with an aim to assist strengthening the movement in the province. We are of the firm belief that this visit will assist to strengthen the organisation in the province. We also believe that such interactions will continue to take place as they help improving the interface between the ANC leadership with membership and society.

The PEC is however noting with serious regret the continuous attacks on the organisation together with its leadership by and through some sections of the media, which has become a permanent feature in the province. This we believe is a concerted effort by counter-revolutionary forces who want to create a wrong perception that the ANC in the province is in a state of paralysis. We want to put it on record that the ANC is intact and is able to deal with the challenges that any other big organisation like the ANC can be faced with in the cause of running its day to day business at any given time.

We also condemn in strongest terms the continued allegations that seek to suggest that there is a hit-list and hired killer in the province that some senior member(s) of the ANC is/are alleged to be involved in. It is regrettable that for more than a year now the ANC has been making a call to anyone in possession of such a hit-list and the origins there-of come forward and assist the police to make the arrests and charge the people who might be involved, to-date there is no one who has come forward. Instead people are busy making wild allegations without any substance. We also regret the fact that the way some of the people who talk about the alleged hit-list are not even sensitive to the feelings and emotions of the families who have lost their loved ones. The ANC re-iterates its call to anyone with information to come forward to assist the matter to come to rest. The province and South Africa cannot continue to always be in a state of panic because of this prevailing state of affairs.

Some people and sections of the media go to an extent of complaining about the silence of the Premier, Cde David "DD" Mabuza about the matter. We believe that is an unfair attacked on the premier, which should be discouraged at all costs. The Premier is the leadership of government which its security agencies are investigating the alleged hit-list, it will therefore be not correct of him to undermine the processes that he has ordered an investigation into. We believe that this matter should be handled with all the necessary care. We must also state that official spokespersons of the ANC in the province, which Cde DD Mabuza is Provincial Chairperson, have always been vocal on the matter. We believe that that covers all the membership of the ANC, including Cde DD Mabuza.

The ANC welcomes and supports the recent intervention by the ANC Women`s League NEC to strengthen the leadership of the organisation (ANCWL) in the province by putting in place a Provincial Task Team (PTT) that will work with branches towards the 6th Provincial Conference in due course. The ANC will give the PTT all the support during its course of work in fulfilling the mandate given to by the organisation

The PEC is noting with great pleasure the remarkable progress made in the preparations for the 2010 World Cup tournament in Mpumalanga. We are convinced that province will host the best tournament ever in the province. We believe that the minor challenges like the finalisation of the pitch in the stadium will be completed as a matter of urgency and the stadium will be ready at no time.

Issued by ANC Mpumalanga Province
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