A tribute to Mr Sammy Mpatlanyane

A tribute to Mr Sammy Mpatlanyane

12 January 2010

For the African National Congress together with all the organisation and the people who share its vision, January 8 the day when we celebrate the birth of our glorious movement. Little did we know as Mpumalanga was that our 98th Anniversary celebration will be observed with mixed feelings, where our province is once again engulfed by a dark cloud. Ironically we had to wake up with the sad news that one of shinning stars in the culture, sports and recreation, Mr. Sammy Mpatlanyane is no more. A very unfortunate development in our life time.

It is even sad that Mr. Mpatlanyane is assassinated just a few days as we begin our country`s celebration of the hosting of the historic event, the 2010 Soccer World Cup tournament in our shores, which Sammy and others have contributed so much to ensuring that our dream of an African World Cup is realisable.

The sudden departure of Sammy Mpatlanyane has robbed us of an eloquent communicator, a cultural activist and a sports and recreational practitioner in the making. The void that this has left will be very hard to fill in our hearts, but we are however comforted by the fact that Sammy has played his role and made his contribution with diligence, especially in the communications field, where he had always excelled and appeared to be so passionate about.

A down-to-earth and a soft-spoken Mpatlanyane`s mortal remains are lying motionless today. He might appear to be voiceless and without any bodily movement, but the legacy that he has worked for over the years as a communicator, will forever remain among us. He has left an indelible mark in our lives.

The passing on of Sammy Mpatlanyane is not a loss only to the family, relatives, friends and the Department of Culture, Sports and Recreation, but a loss to all the people of Mpumalanga, especially the sport loving people of Mpumalanga. He will be missed by all of us.

As we celebrate the life of this giant communicator, we must condemn in strongest terms possible the way in which his life was cut short with a bullet by those who believe have a right and power to determine the destiny of others. We also call on the police, assisted by society to speedily arrest the perpetrator(s) so that they must face the full might of the law.

The ANC in Mpumalanga is sending its deepest-felt condolences to the family, relatives, friends, the Department of Culture, Sports and Recreation and all the sport loving people of Mpumalanga.

Robala ka kgotso Mpatlanyane.

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ANC Mpumalanga Province
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