Make the best of the 2010 exams

Make the best of the 2010 exams

13 October 2010

It is just about ten days before the beginning of the Class of 2010 matric final examinations. 2010 has been a year full of events, some interesting and others strainous. These events like the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament, service delivery protests, the public sector strike and recently the Commonwealth Games had their different impacts on particularly the education sector. This therefore needed a lot of effort from different educational stake-holders to ensuring that we as a country and the province we achieve desirable year-end results possible with an improved pass rate.

The ANC wishes to encourage the learners of Mpumalanga to take the above-mentioned events not as a set-back and an excuse for bad performance during the exams. They should be taken as a catalyst that would make each one of them to say "I was there in 2010, I became part and I have reaped the fruits of my hard work, inspired by a historic and fulfilling year that was".

It might seem like a few days remaining ahead, but a lot of good work can still be done towards achieving positive and desirable results that can put Mpumalanga high on the map. It is against this backdrop that we are making a call to all the learners, that is matriculants and those of other grades that, make the best of the 2010 exams. Use every moment available to best prepare for the exams, through study groups and other such relevant methods and materials at your disposal.

The ANC would like to congratulate the government of Mpumalanga, especially the Department of Education for making a concerted effort to ensuring that the lost time during the eventful year do not work against the learners but instead to their favour. We believe that despite all the obstacles that might have been, we will still be proud of the exams results. Our appreciation also goes to progressive student movements like the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) for their support of the catch-up programmes that the Department has put in place to assist the learners. The role that the media houses like the SABC and others have also played cannot be over-emphasised.

We wish you all the best of luck as you make your final preparations and during the exams process itself. You can make it. All you need is to just stay focused and calm throughout this exciting moment. The ANC believes that the exams process will go without any incidences that would embarrass the province and put it in the media headlines for wrong reasons. Let us all strive work towards ensuring that Mpumalanga remains the province of the rising sun with a pioneering spirit.

Issued by
ANC Mpumalanga Province
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